ten million people
lose to cancer every year

Whatever treatments we may develop,
early detection is a turning point

What if
we could detect cancer (very) early…

What if we could spot
multiple cancers at once?

What if it was
affordable & as easy as breathing?


We have a great respect for nature. By using deep technology to amplify its gifts we are creating a disruptive multi cancer early detection test.

Sensitive. When it really matters.

Spotitearly is currently conducting a large clinical trial for screening breast, lung, colon and prostate cancers in one test. During training phase, our test showed higher sensitivity and better specificity in detecting early stages of cancer compared to any existing test on the market today. Stay tuned.

We are Spotitearly

We, a group of passionate multidisciplinary experts with a century of experience between us in AI, biology, medicine, zoology, business and operations, came together to accomplish this (ultra) important mission.

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